Diet Vs. Healthy Eating


Diet… What a short word — and how many tears and problems! Unfortunately, it causes more trouble than profit when one decides to lose weight. You have read it right — Ms. Diet is not a true ally in this very important matter of losing weight and keeping fit.

Why do we exclude diet from the list of our allies? This is simple:

Firstly, dieting does not make your body slimmer or fitter. It has been proving scientifically that any organism deprived of necessary amount of food starts making reserves. Oh yes, those “nice” rolls of fat exist not just to drive their owner crazy — they are a protective tool of the body. Sure, you can starve yourself to the condition of a skeleton and get rid of these reserves completely but this is not what one calls slim or fit.

Secondly, any diet must be supervised by a doctor. In some cases, a diet is necessary to treat some illnesses but it requires constant control including medical tests, food substitutes and medications. So “look, I found a cool diet on the Net, let’s try it!” can cause a lot of harm to your body which can emerge later in the form of various health problems.

What is more, if you stop dieting abruptly (yes, that cute tiny cake after a month of dieting is an abrupt and tragic end to your diet), you are going to put on weight faster than ever. Remember the part about your body laying in some fat here and there just in case? Exactly. Now it is going to do it twice the speed.

However, do not think that we are calling for eating junk food three times a day because we all are doomed to be fat anyway. Not at all! The key to effective weight-losing and keeping fit is well-balanced nutrition. It only sounds complicated — actually, it is way simpler than keeping to a diet. You must have heard of its principles dozens of times, but we are going to repeat them: Split meals. Eating 5-6 times a day a small amount of food is a straight way to a perfect body and excellent well-being. Compare: taking one big meal a day, especially in the evening, makes it all more difficult to process and the fair part of fat will go straight to your hips!

Healthier food and drinks. Healthy food is not about chewing herbs all the time. Fruit, vegetables, lean meat and legumes offer a breathtaking variety of delicious dishes, so it is easy to forget all fatty steaks and crispy buns! And carbonated drinks as well — with the amount of sugar in them, they should be forgotten once and for all.

Following these two simple rules can change your life! Unlike dieting, eating healthy food is not a stress for your body. Getting used to it will take no more than a couple of weeks, and then you will shudder at the very thought of going on a strict diet or eating fatty food. Make your body healthy and happy and it will repay you generously.