Start your very own successful salon

Diva Business opportunity is the ultimate "business in a box", let us help you build a successful business with your very own salon. 

We offer you the opportunity to earn over R 1,000,000 P/A through our successful, tried and tested business model!

For an initial investment as low as R300,000.00 DIVA offers you a return on investment as quickly as 12 months from the start of trading.

You won't find a comparable opportunity in terms of investment required or the speed of returns you will make. We are certain you will find the answers to your initial questions in these pages but if you require any further information please contact us.

As part of the business model you will receive a comprehensive induction to the business and take part in our detailed training programme.

With our business packages, you receive all the equipment and training you need to start earning money from day one.

You will also be mentioned on our website as an accredited salon for some added exposure.

Get out what you put in!!

Diva "business in a box" will undoubtedly be financially rewarding for your existing business, however don’t think of it as a license to print money. The rewards are certainly there, but they’re there for the earning, not the taking.

Diva Business is a fantastic opportunity for anyone that wishes to grow their existing business, anyone that is ambitious in expanding their business or who wishes to have multiple locations. Moreover it's a proven profit generator that will not only enhance your salon's return, but also the life and well-being of your clients.

So far 54 salons have been trained through business in a box in South Africa.

More info is on our business website :

Success Stories

Zen body Studio, Randburg, Gauteng

Quarisha, a nurse by profession, decided to take a chance on our business opportunity to start up a new salon.

We entered into an agreement with her even though she was afraid to fail due to her very limited experience in the beauty industry. She operated from a small room at African Spa that she was leasing. One day she was looking for franchising opportunities with her husband when she came across our commercial for our business opportunity.

Even though she was looking for straightforward franchising opportunities, the options that we were offering seemed even more intriguing and profitable to Quarisha. She had never dreamed of being a beauty salon owner before…

When Quarisha came to us to negotiate the offer and to find out all the details, she was a reserved young lady of a modest air with beautiful eyes and luxury hair. Honestly, she could easily compete with any supermodels and show-biz stars. But instead, she underestimated herself and her abilities.

She was one of first ladies to get in on our business opportunities with the bonus that she got lots of personal advice and recommendations simply due to her friendly nature, which we highly value at our salons.

Quarisha called her new business Zen Body Studio. The name sounds intriguing, we agree. It's competitive, provoking and most of all, attracts ladies whether they're students, business ladies or housewives. During the training Quarisha proved to be a born facilitator. She was on the same wavelength as us; she absorbed all presented information with an enthusiasm of a first-year university student. It was a real pleasure to train her. When she opened her Beauty Studio, we could not help visiting her to see how she was doing. Quarisha has changed completely, instead of shy lady we met few months ago was a business women, full of energy and confidence. We couldn’t believe it was her…

Quarisha’s business felt truly professional and stylish. The chance and risk she took by working with us to open her beauty studio turned out to be such a brilliant idea. She looked confident and fashionable; her brilliant eyes were sparkling with passion. She followed our concepts for a high-quality studio employing cosmetic procedures, equipment and highly-professional personnel. Her client base looked very promising for a small beauty salon.

She has since moved into bigger facility and expanded her services. We are really proud of her!

Our brand really works.