Diva Meal plans will guide you to a healthy lifestyle

Diva program is designed to take into account the individual characteristics of a person and is available anywhere in the world where the Internet is.

When filling in the Questionnaire, all aspects of a client’s health, age and needs are taken into account.

To make the approach more successful, we have carried out work on the division of all clients into three main categories:

- A category of people whose goal is to lose weight and maintain results through a balanced diet;

- A category of people who already have a certain physic and just want to maintain it.

- A category of people who have hormonal imbalance.


DIVA meal plan for people over 100 kgs (diabetic friendly)

This plan consist of 8 weeks and will guide you through a healthy eating routine.

This plan consists of phases and portion control system.

Easy to follow and gives great results.

afterwards is advisable to switch to another Diva plan to get further results.

Plan 8 and 12 weeks

Meal plan consists of 5 meals a day, every day you will have a new menu

Now, everyone, no matter where they live , can begin working on their figure according to professional recommendations, taking into account age, weight, volume, health status and a dozen other parameters. The plan is compiled on the basis of the questionnaire and developed by the best fitness athletes, professional nutritionists, sports doctors.

You can purchase the plans online on our price page

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results of our plans you can find on our diva weight loss project page

Results of Diva Meal Plans

Results of Diva Meal Plans


Example of the plan

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