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Weight Loss Project 2019

Our First Project was a massive success

For a second project we have selected 8 ladies and changes our way of working with them.

Ladies started the project on a different date and have been put on a different meal plans and will finish on a different dates as well, in order for them to  get to the treatment stage they have to target the goal weight we put for them, so good luck everyone



Meet Natasha

Hi there, I have been following your page and the journey of Busi and Liana and their results and what they have achieved is amazing I am 36 years old and a mom of 2. With my second pregnancy i gained 28kg. It took me a good 6 years to loose most of my weight, trying quite a few fad diets etc... loose weight, gain weight situation. In Feb this year I was 3kg away from my goal weight of 62kg. All my previous attemps i would find myself reaching 73kg and then just gain it all back.In March 2018 I fell ill and by May i had to have both my ovaries removed, resulting in 7kg weight gain, my body went into shock with the surgical menapause and its been the darkest place i have ever found myself in, in all my life.5 months down the line, i have recovered from the surgery itself but my body and its appearance has dramatically changed and i just hate looking at myself in the mirror. I now have cellulite which i never had before, even at my heaviest of 81kg. My waist line has changed and my tummy has become so big, i walk and my legs wobble, it makes me really sad to see myself now, especially knowing what i looked like just 6 months ago.

Thankfully i have not gained anymore than the initial 7kg in the months of May and June but i cannot seem to loose any of it. I understand that having no ovaries and my hashimoto's disease which I have had for years makes it more challenging but i would love for you to give me a chance and help me prove that my health and obstacles i face everyday doesnt define who i am and a person in my position with help can look and feel amazing about oneself, i can show others that just becuase you have a thyroid disease and find yourself in surgical or natural menapause you can still loose weight, feel good and look amazing I would really love for you to consider my application. Natasha Stannett

Weight first time she came to Diva was 72.3 kgs on the 17.10.2018

Weight is 67.6kgs on the 5.12.2018

Have been on Eating plan for 6 weeks, started her sessions on the 5th of December


Meet Zanele


My name is Zanele, I am 25 years old from Midrand. I am writing this email because I need to make a change in my life. I am going to give u abit of my history when it comes to my weight.

I have always been active in my life, played netball and was a latin and ballroom dancer. I never had issues with my weight as a teenager and have always been happy. This all changed when I got to University in 2014, I stopped dancing and stopped playing sports, I gained weight so bad that I looked like a totally different person. This has since made me very antisocial and I hardly take pictures because I hate the way I look... In 2016 I went through a depressive stage where actually thought dying is better than looking like I did(most people dont understand how your weight can cause depression, but believe me it can and its damaging), I have always cared about how I look so this was a real shock to my body and confidence. I tried joining the gym and eating right but I always give up because I kind of find comfort in food, which is something I am trying to fight with all my might.

I have cut ties with most people I grew up with because I dont want to constantly explain why I have gained so much weight, its tiring and emotionally destroying. I believe your program can be a fresh new start for me where I can be in control of my life again, because wow now I feel I have lost all contact with my soul. Attached are photos of how my body changed through the years.

I really hope you choose me to be part of this life changing journey.

Thank you


Weight when she first came to us on the 20th of November 2018 was 85.4 kgs

Weight on the 1st of December 2018 was 83,.6 kgs

Zanele is on Eating plan only achieving the target goal we have put for her in order to go do the treatments with us.


Meet Zenobia

Good Morning ☺

I'm filled with so much emotion when talking about my weight journey. I'm 36 years old not married and I have a beautiful little boy 5 years old.I have picked up 50 kgs since i found out i was pregnant.weighhed 119kgs once given birth. Went through post natal depression. My weight has always been in a rollercoaster. Always weighed more than others friends.but I love life And want to live a healthy and better lifestyle and desperately need help. Been engaged over 5 years but dont want to be over weight bride. I want to do the samba or rumba on my wedding day . I have tried diet pills and starving my self but just and up back where I was. I have never been the size im now size 42..... I want to be a healthy mom and not getting tired all the time because I'm overweight. I need a support team and I have followed the ladies previously it was amazing to see what weight loss is really all about. Financially I'm trying to save but it's tough. I do have high cholestrol only. My blood pressure is normal and I don't have a sugar problem. My weight now 105kgs my height is 1.67 I work in sunninghill and reside in east rand.I hope I'm able to be a part of this amazing opportunity.I want to do ballroom dancing and I want to run with my son and enjoy doing adventures things marble zipline☺☺☺but my weight keeping me back.Thank you. Zenobia Jordaan

Weight when she first came to Diva Centre on the 03.11.2018 was 109.4kgs

Weight on the 1st of December 104.1 kgs

Zenobia is on our Eating plan only achieving her target goal weight.


Meet Rose

Hi, my name is Rose Mkhuma a 28yr old lady who grew up believing that she was ‘the ugly sister’. I have 2 very gorgeous older sisters, they never had weight problems, both very petit and short and I have a younger brother who has always been super skinny and very tall. I on the other hand would like to think of myself as the “black sheep” of the family, I have ALWAYS had weight issues, since primary school I struggled with my weight, I am the only fat child at home, I am very big and very tall lol and people always remind me of how ‘different’ I am compared to my siblings.

It’s funny how I used to be so athletic in primary, I was a top sprinter and I did well in long jump! BUT for some odd reason, I stopped playing sports when I was in grade 4 I think and that’s when the ‘comfort’ eating started. Food became my best friend. I went from being a happy and active child to being depressed and emotional. When I ‘blew’ up, I was teased by my peers, my family and even strangers would comment on my weight but because I didn’t want to seem weak, I’d laugh with them and make jokes about my weight as well, what they didn’t know was that I cried myself to sleep almost every night.

Weight when Rose came to Diva Centre on the 17 .10.2018 was 102.9kgs

Weight on the 1 st of December 93 kgs

Rose is on Eating plan only achieving her goal weight


Meet Carla

I got divorced 9 years ago and was a bit overweight, however, the last 3 years I gained 30 kg’s, and in the last 2 months I have gained 10 kilos. My brother had a heart attack in Sept 2015 and was diagnosed with brain hypoxia and came to live with us at my parent’s house (I moved in with my parents when I got divorced), 8 months later my Mother passed away, it was during this time period that I gained the most weight. I ate to deal with my brother’s condition and my Mother’s passing. I have for the last year tried to lose weight but between taking care of my brother, my Dad and 2 sons it has been challenging. I now have a full time caregiver for my brother and Dad and this has helped me immensely, I have more time to do the things I want to do and need to do which is lose weight.

Weight when she came on 13th of October was 106 kgs

Weight on the 1st of December was 102.3 kgs

Management hasn’t been pleased with the results, so Carla got 1 month to prove to us that she can stick to a plan otherwise will be removed form the project.


Meet Thenji

Good Day

My name is Thenji Mabasa, I'm a mother to a beautiful 4 year old girl. I lost her her daddy just 10 days before her 1st birthday. Ever since then, I lost myself in the process, I let myself go as a result I now struggle with self confidence, i don't like I see when I look the mirror so I try by all means to avoid it.

I hope i get to be part of those who will be selected so I can gain my confidence back.

Thank You


Weight when she first came to Diva Slimming was 88.2 kgs on the 20th of November

Weight on the 1st of December 85.6 kgs

Thenji is on our eating plan


Meet Adele

Hi there, Not even sure why I am writing this, I guess if you feel hopeless you try and look for a bit of hope where you can.  My name is Adele and like many others have been struggling with my weight my entire life(or so I thought) not realizing I was actually fine up until the age of 20. I went from 72kg to deep 80s that year with the weight fluctuating with every new diet etc.  When I hit 24, my partner and I started fertility treatment and my weight escalated to the 90s. After 7 years of these treatments we finally got pregnant and I had my son(best thing to ever happen). My weight at least at that stage stayed at 93kg. Fast forward 3 months post baby and my weight sky rocketed to 111kg within 3months, went to the dr and was advised that my thyroid was broken and I would need meds for the rest of my life. 8 months later and my Thyroid is under control but the weight has gone nowhere. I realised that I need help, when I saw you FB post I figured I might as well take a chance.  I truly hope you are able to help me. Thanks Adele

Weight on the 03.11.2018 was 109 kgs

Weight on the 01.12.2018 was 104.6 kgs

Adele is on our eating plan atm


Meet Gugu

Dear Diva admin.
Your website have given me more inspiration in losing weight, because of all the stories behind it and their proof. Most of the slimming websites gives info and advertise their products and services but there’s no much real proof of their products. 
Diva beauty gives us stories to hear and see everyday and people behind the stories and every step of the way: when they start, during the journey and the end of the journey. 
This is what inspires and give proof that everything is real and really works. It also gives hope to oneself that losing the weight you need to lose may happen! 
I’m obese. I weigh +_ 140 kgs. I’m actually not a scale fan because I’m even scared of what I would see!🙈 the last time I have been on a scale was 3 years ago at the maternity ward when I was pregnant and got checked by the doctor. 
My weight is now becoming an obstacle in my life. I can no longer run anymore I feel heavy. I use to run in the mornings and afternoons to keep fit. But now I can’t. I even started to feel pain on my knee because of the weight. I’m even limping. I tried some diets at home but they don’t work. I feel so unhealthy, I feel so heavy and don’t even see myself beautiful. All this depresses me. I’m so DEPRESS Diva beauty! Please help me. 
The way I’m so overweight now. It’s not possible for me to lose the wight alone at home without professional help. I really need to be healthy and feel light. I’m even scared now that as I grow this weight can creat so many health problems. At the moment I’m 39 years and a mother of two boys 14 and 3 yrs. So I really need to start my 40’s on a healthy way and prevent myself from all the grown up diseases. Especially diabetes and high blood! 
I really need to lose all the unhealthy and unwanted weight. I need to do it. I strongly feel I need to especially do it for my sons so that I can lead a healthy lifestyle and live longer for them! I really owe it to them more than myself. 

Gugu started her program on the 1st of December with her weight of 134.4 kgs

Gugu is on our Eating plan



28 year old mother to a lovely young boy.

Her self confidence has dropped with every kilogram she gained especially after having her beautiful son.

She has been engaged for 5 years now, to the love of her life and father to her son. She has been postponing setting the wedding date because of the weight that she has not been able to lose. She would love to look beautiful in her Wedding dress and to be confident on her wedding day.

Starting weight: 97.5 Kg

Current weight: 80.3 Kg

Volume loss 110 cm



32 Years Old mother of two beautiful girls.

Soon to be 33 years old Keshia recently got divorced. She is a single mother, from doing the school run to making breakfast, lunch and dinner to taking the girls to extra music and gymnastics. To top it off she has a stressful full time job with targets to meet.

She loves being a mom and her job but with all of what life has blessed her with she feels as though she neglected herself.

As everyone knows having kids changes your body. She went from a bikini body to far from a bikini body.

She has tried to lose weight but never really succeeded!
She wants to start taking care of herself. Being single again is scary for her and so is the dating world. She wants to feel and look healthy and she wants to be confident enough to want to start dating!

Keshia will be a great inspiration for ladies who went through divorce and separation thinking the world has ended now, but as Keshia said :"Well it happens, what can you do, life still goes on"

Starting weight: 89.3Kg

Current weight: 78.2 Kg

Volume loss 62 cm

8 kgs loss with within 6 weeks


10 kgs loss for Keshia 



28 years old.

Her weight journey, has been one for the books. Battling the numbers up and down, up and down up down her entire life. She has been under weight, she has been over weight.

"I was the fat kid and then I was the underweight kid with issues"
In September 2016, her little boy turned 2 years old- she realized that she cannot blame her baby fat on just having a baby anymore.

She started doing Crossfit training and her life has never been the same again. Liana has lost 12 kg to date and her confidence is back after years of feeling sorry for herself and struggling with baby blues.

She has decided to take control after seeing the results, feeling better about herself by being kinder to herself and enjoying( LOVING) exercise. Even in the winter months she is getting up at 04:30 to train.

Liana would like to inspire all the mommies out there to stop blaming pregnancy as a reason for picking up weight.

Starting weight: 81.7 Kg

Current weight 67 Kg

89 cm volume loss


Liana has lost 10 kgs within 7 weeks

3D846F1B-E189-4856-8B95-B1FAD330F8D7-23801-000016913BCEA4E1 2.JPG

Busi has lost over 10 kgs within her first 6 weeks 

Over 12 kgs Loss within 7 weeks

Busi had to make a plan with her pants:)

Busi is talking about her experience with Diva Weight Loss and how she has lost 22 kgs



Mandisa, 24 years old, remembers herself as someone who has been overweight her whole life, but as time went by it got worse.
Mandisa has lost her mother at the young age of 11 and for comfort she has turned to food… As she got bigger her selfesteem got smaller, where there were days where she didn’t want to leave her bed.

At the age of 15, Mandisa lost her paternal grandmother to diabetes and her father to cancer. She felt as if her world was crumbling in. She felt and still feels like no other man would ever love and accept her. She feels every rejection was due to the fact that she is overweight and doesn't look like the rest of her friends with healthier bodies.

She cant go on the roller coaster rides because she is “embarrassed of her body and how those rides hurt when you are on them and there's a bulging tummy pushing on the safety”.

She is a student finally doing her last year with only two modules to graduate. She dreams about graduating in a beautiful dress and to look gorgeous and not to think about health issues that might arise.

Her Dream is to own beautiful lingerie: “Between choosing a trip to the Maldives and loosing weight,I'd choose loosing weight. I mean I'd rather slay the streets of Jozi in a summer body."

Starting weight: 104.1 Kg

Current weight: 89.9 Kg

Mandisa has lost over 12 kgs for the last 6 weeks

FE451438-37AE-473D-A182-B21BABFA9EAF-5203-000004B6CECECC2D 2.JPG
1491840158291 2.JPG


36 year old mother of two healthy children.

14 years ago she was in a very serious motor vehicle accident which resulted in 13 bone fractures.

She was in a wheelchair and learned to walk all over again. This affected her life and no longer could she lead the active sports life she once had. This affected her weight and over years it just got worse.

Her legs suffered most of the injuries and her one knee cap is removed. This limits what she can do for exercise. But she pushed her limits and kept going.

Anrika's dream would be to complete an advanced driving course so that she will not fear driving in the rain anymore.

Starting weight: 92.6 Kg

Current weight: 83.7 Kg

Anrika has been removed from the program.