Dear clients, we have strict terms and conditions, please read it before you make a payment, after the payment has been done , there are no exceptions, you automatically  agree to our terms and conditions


  1. Cancellation and late coming.

    1. Cancellation must be done 24 hours prior to your appointment, failure to do so will results in your appointment being forfeited including the costs involved.
    2. If you are 20 minutes late for your appointment , your sessions will be void, NO EXCEPTIONS!
    3. Payment and our time.
  2. All payments are done upfront to secure our time

    1. If 3 sessions were previously forfeited in a raw, the rest of the package will be forfeited too.
    2. No refunds will be permitted after the payment has been done.
    3. Packages are valid for 3 months.
  3. General

    1. All medical conditions must be disclosed in full.
    2. Underwear and showering are mandatory before the treatment.
    3. For hygienic purposes we have a strict "NO underwear  - NO treatment policy"
    4. It is the discretion of the Diva team on how the treatment to be done.
    5. Diva accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss experienced while undergoing treatment, treatment is undergone at your own risk
    6. Administration rights are reserved.

Pay Me for Being Late, or Why Time Is Money

Our company has always been focused on the mutual respect concept and we never let our customers down. It is disrespectful, isn’t it? However, we should admit that we often are let down by our customers. Sad but true. Imagine the following situation. You arrive at the airport and wait for your flight. You are chatting with your companion, sipping delicious cappuccino and feel extremely excited about your trip. And then: “Ladies and gentlemen, the flight number *** is delayed for two hours because the pilot had to bring his cat to the vet”. 

It would be funny if it were not your flight! What, a cat? Who cares about this bloody cat when 200 people are waiting to be escorted to the plane?! You are furious, you are enraged, so you go straight to the company agent to demand explanation. Unfortunately, the company agent is absent because she met her friends she had not seen for ages, so they went to a cozy café to drink some tea. She forgot to warn the company to get a substitute… Never mind!

You decide to sort it out later, grab your belongings and get on a taxi to go home. The taxi driver decides to drop by the store on your way because he needs a new suit. Yes, right now, why not? Oh, is he supposed to drive you straight home? Well, well, well, there is nothing to be done, he forgot to warn you before you got on his car…
Sounds silly. Sounds impossible. Who would ever forget about their responsibilities to do something that is not really urgent? Still, it happens every day. Not in such an exaggerated ridiculous manner, but it does. The appointments are ignored without warning, some customers repeatedly forget to call and ask to reschedule them, a lot of time is wasted.
You pay us for our service but you do not pay us for any nuisance that you may cause. That is why we do not return money if the appointment has been deliberately bugged out. We saved this time for you but you did not come. There could be another person to fill in but we’ve been waiting for you. Not exactly polite, is it? 
Unless you want the whole world to go mad and people who are supposed to fly their planes for you, drive you home or cut your hair to start neglecting their work, you should be respectful toward them – us, in this case. 

Do you have to miss the appointment? Tell us in advance (24 hours cancellation rule). Is it something really urgent and it’s too late to warn us? Call us anyway but we won’t be able to return your money. Do you want to reschedule your appointment as soon as possible? We are usually fully booked for a month but we’ll see what we can do. Perhaps someone cancels their appointment and warns us in advance and we will be able to fill this gap with your session (you see why we ask to warn us?).
Be respectful and responsible and we will be happy to make your visit as enjoyable as possible!