Ultrasonic liposuction

(Ultrasound liposuction)

The word liposuction is all well-known everywhere but many people have a very vague idea as to what it really stands for. That’s why we receive a lot of questions about it. Let’s make it all clear! 

To make our customers slimmer, we use ultrasonic liposuction. It is one of the best techniques to remove fat in hard-to-access areas as its principle of work is completely different from traditional lipo. The highly-precise device sends ultrasonic waves to liquefy fat which allows vacuuming it out in a faster and safer way. It implies less intrusion and more efficiency than other ways of fat removal.

And no, don’t worry, we do not cut off pieces of fat to collect them into a tin to make soap or whatever! It is disposed of as “medical waste” according to the standard procedure.

Procedure has to be done once a week, amount of sessions depends on person to person (this is why it is important to come for an assessment). Treatment is absolutely painless and harmless.

3 step treatment plan

  1. Ultrasonic Liposuction – breaking down the large fat cells into smaller parts. The low frequency ultrasound reduces large adipocytes (fat cells) into smaller ones to ensure easy disposal through the body's normal metabolic process.

  2. Magnetic wave – this deep penetrating wave dissolves and melts the small adipocytes. This step introduces heat, which then breaks up the membranes of the fat cells in order to encourage the release of fatty acids and glycerol (water soluble) as well as assisting in blood circulation.

  3. Limphatic drainage - smooth’s and firms the skin appearance. Bio pads are placed on the area and emit electrical impulses and an infrared light, which both tighten and contour the skin and stimulates cell regeneration producing a smoother body shape


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We do the treatment per areas, we don't treat head, breast and calves.

Treatment time is from 45 -  90 minutes depending  on the amount of areas that have to be treated, machines we use and the therapists available.


    • One part of your body

      • Stomach

      • Back

      • Buttocks

      • Front of your legs

      • Back of your legs

      • Arms (We count both arms as 1 part, because it has a small surface area.)


    • Stomach & back

    • Legs front & legs back

    • Arms and stomach


    • Buttocks, front of legs & back of legs

    • Arms, stomach & back


    • Arms, stomach, back, front of legs, back of legs & buttocks

    • We don't treat calves.

  • If you want to lose more that 5 kgs you have to do full body treatment and take eating plan and weight loss supplements.

  • To feel good difference you need at least 5 sessions.

  • If you just have a bit of a cellulite you want to fix on your legs, take 5 sessions 3 body parts package

  • You must remember our treatment is not a magic pill and "whoalaaaaa" by Friday you are minus 30 kgs, this is not going to happen, you have been collecting those 30 kgs for a while, so it will take time to drop them.

  • We don't put you on any specific diet, but we do have eating plans that will help you to lose weight.

  • Compulsory for you is to drink 2-3 litters of water when you do your treatments ( you have to pee a lot, well how else will you lose weight?)

  • Exercise is advisable as well, but not compulsory.

  • Most of our clients lose 1 - 2 kgs a week if they don't have medical conditions and follow the instructions we give them.

  • Every day question : " What guarantee do you give?" - "We cant guarantee you won't go to a Burger place for lunch after the treatment, you know how many clients we have caught at cake shops and Mc Donalds places? We know the product works, this is our only guarantee! 8 year on the market, fully booked weeks in advance - this is our guarantee!


  • Pregnant women

  • Epileptic clients

  • Cancer patients

  • Clients after operation ( YOU NEED TO WAIT AT LEAST 6 MONTHS)

Who canNOt do treatmentS:

  1. If you still open the door of your fridge at night

  2. If you are a diabetic

  3. Under active thyroid

  4. Menopausal

  5. Any hormonal issues

  6. Had hysterectomy

  7. If you don't drink enough water

  8. If you don't follow our instructions

  9. Breast feeding moms ( we will put you on low carbs eating plan and it will be a problem with fatness of your milk)

When will you have slower results: